Feed Our Fire!

Teach Our Children

Support a Child's Jewish Education & B'nai Mitzvah Journey:
Our individualized Education and B'nai Mitzvah programs encourage our children to see these rites of passage as beginnings to their lives as members of our community, and are catalysts for an even more exciting and vibrant Jewish life to come. Each B'nai Mitzvah ceremony at The New Shul is unique, providing the most meaningful experience for students and their families, and our Hebrew School program is unparalleled. 

Funding Need:
We rent space, pay staff, musicians, teachers and administrators, and purchase food, ritual and school supplies. B'nai Mitzvah and Tuition fees cover just a portion of our total costs. Most importantly, some families have limited finances and we never want a child to forgo something so important due to financial concerns. We therefore ask you to help fund our Education & B'nai Mitzvah Scholarships. The average cost per B'nai Mitzvah is $1,600 - $1,800 and Hebrew School Tuition is $1,350.

Food, Music, Arts & Culture

Partner With Us to Feed the Soul:
Feast of Mystics, Family Kirtan, Devotions Collective, special events featuring the Epichorus, Artisans In Action...at The New Shul we crave and thrive on expressions of our devotions through extraordinary events. The shul was founded in part on the belief that each person is unique and will give to, and benefit from our community in powerful ways. We nurture and express this through food, music, arts and culture, all with a spirit and vibrancy unique to the shul.

Funding Need:
For the various events we rent space and equipment, pay staff, musicians, performers and administrators, and purchase food and special supplies. We sell tickets for some of the events, but they do not cover the total cost. We ask for your support in building and sustaining our incredible programming. The average cost per event is $1,500 - $5,000 x an average of 10 events per year.

Tikkun Olam

Further Our Commitment to Tikkun Olam & Tzedakah:
Our community, including The New Shul Youth (TNSY) gathers throughout the year to collaborate and perform acts of service for those in need in the NYC community and beyond. Activities such as packing and distributing food and supplies to homeless individuals make for an incredibly rewarding experience in giving back, leadership, Jewish identity and values, and community-team building.

Funding Need:
For TNSY and other events, we buy meals for participants and purchase food and supplies for distribution. We also pay chaperones to lead events. Some of our families help fund the programs, but we need your support to cover the entire cost. The average cost per event is $500 - $800 x 6-10 events annually.

Shabbat & Ceremony

Honor Your Simchas by Sponsoring a Kiddush or Holiday Event:
Celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or milestone? Honor it at one of our joyful events! We celebrate holidays with our out-of-the-box, over-the-top events like Purim's Pharaonic Theater and Deep Fried Chanukah.  Food, drink, music and merriment abound, and our community connects in amazing ways.

Funding Need:
We rent space and equipment, pay musicians, and purchase food, drink, event and ritual supplies. Our annual operating budget and ticket sales for some events cover a portion of the cost. The average cost per event is $1,200 - $4,000 x 12-15 events annually. 

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