We are a community of singers, poets and bards. Our music draws from the great mystical and chant traditions, creating sounds at once ancient and modern.

The Epichorus

Rabbi Zach founded the Epichorus in 2012; the Epichorus performs the music of roots – contemporary songs based in ancient sounds.  They are lineage holders of traditions from India, Egypt, Greece and Syria, on Oud, Violin, Accordion, Hammered Dulcimer, Percussion and Upright Bass.  The Epichorus music always graces our ceremonies – come ready to be transported by ethereal music reminiscent of a loftier home.

The Maqam Project

Rabbi James Stone Goodman and the Epichorus present a weekly video series, offering a palette of little wisdoms by way of the Judeo-Arabic musical tradition — Maqam. Every Torah Portion is associated with a musical figure called a *Maqam, Arabic cognate to the Hebrew maqom Place.



The Jews of the Arab world, from Aleppo, Cairo, and Damascus, were great lovers of this music, and they came to assign musical modes to each Torah portion, based upon the colors of the weekly wisdom. I thought – why not create a modern articulation for this beautiful practice of joining music and word? This is MAQAM. You have arrived at the Place. Welcome.
— Rabbi Zach Fredman