Kabbalat Shabbat

Friday nights are the heart of The New Shul, and every one makes an effort to lift the songs and prayers of our community.  We gather twice a month to welcome Shabbat with inspired music, teachings, and discussion, led by Rabbi Zach and the Epichorus. Casual dinner follows. Everyone is welcome to attend. Check the calendar for dates.

Feast of Mystics

Rabbi Zach and Chef Micah Fredman (Gramercy Tavern, 11 Madison Park) offer teachings paired with gourmet creations, all based on the holidays of the Jewish calendar. We delight in the music, stories and traditions as we celebrate the festivals. Check the calendar for dates.

Feast of Mystics: How To Make a Seder Plate:

For Pesach, Rabbi Zach and Chef Micah have created the ultimate guide to your most successful seder plate. Video to be released shortly.

Family Kirtan

Keely Angel and Epichorus musicians lead us through a Saturday morning chanting practice in Hebrew and Sanskrit.  All ages are welcome!  Check the calendar for dates.


Rebbetzin Zivar Amrami leads a contemplative evening for women based in cabalistic sources and customs.

Devotions Collective

 Join us as Rabbi Zach welcomes a community of master artisans from diverse fields, united by the spirit of their work, their devotion. In conversation and collaboration, they are generating new modalities for modern spirituality and service. Dates to be announced.

Learning and Discussion Salons with Rabbi Zach

Join Rabbi Zach Fredman for an intimate evening salon.  The theme & archetype are always different, but the method is always the same: delve into ancient cabalistic sources and use them to draw up wisdom from the deep of our personal experiences and stories. 

When: 6:30pm. Thursday September 14th, Monday October 30th, Tuesdays: November 21st, December 19th, January 16th, February 13th and March 27th,
Where: Host location provided with your RSVP: joy@newshul.org

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