Want to see our community in action?
Come try us out! Guests are invited and encouraged to attend all our programs. There is no velvet rope and no need to RSVP, although we’d love to hear from you and help answer any questions. You can email us at hereor Rabbi Zach at here You can also call us at the office at 212-284-6773.

Coffee with the Rabbi
During this one-on-one time, Rabbi Zach can answer questions about our Shul, but also hear your stories and learn about your Jewish journey. It’s this intimate personal conversation with the rabbi that we believe will help showcase how our Shul is so special. Email Rabbi Zach at here to set up your date.

Ready to become a member?
Welcome to our progressive, independent, creative community that explore meaningful ways to experience Jewish life and ritual in the 21st century.

Membership is 100% tax-deductible. Completed forms may be emailed, faxed or mailed to our office.



The New Shul Fair Share Membership Dues and Financial Policy

Enroll in Rishonim and BKS
Rishonim and BKS are open to children of members. We are striving to build a new type of Jewish community beyond the classroom walls. We want our children to feel connected to each other at services, events, and all our community celebrations. Tuition varies by program. To enroll your child(ren), use the forms located here. Don’t forget the emergency form!

Need more info?
Contact us at 212-284-6773 or to get your questions answered or receive a membership packet.

Top Ten Reasons I’ll Never Join a Synagogue
(But why you might want to join The New Shul)

  1. I don’t want to be a member of a synagogue, I just want to be there when I need it.
    The New Shul is a grassroots community (with lots of anti-institutional, non-joiner types!). Without your membership support, we simply won’t be here.
  2. I don’t like services.
    The New Shul is about lots more than services! Our calendar is packed with many different kinds of events, programs, classes and spiritual experiences. We’re also exploring ways to redefine ‘services.’
  3. I hated Hebrew School.
    Many of us were also turned off by Hebrew School. That’s why we created Rishonim and Big Kids Spirituality. Kids actually like it! Come for a visit and you’ll see why.
  4. I don’t believe in God.
    At The New Shul we’re constantly questioning, grappling, doubting and exploring. That’s what keeps it interesting.
  5. I only go once a year anyway.
    Once you become a member, you might be surprised to find that you come more often.
  6. My wife/husband/partner isn’t Jewish.
    The New Shul welcomes everyone. We’re proud of the diversity within our membership – interfaith, single, gay, couples, straight, families, reform, conservative, orthodox, reconstructionist, atheist…
  7. I don’t like organized religion.
    We’re not that organized.
  8. I don’t want my level of observance/non-observance to be judged by others.
    We’re not your parents’ shul. We don’t follow any particular party line – we draw from many sources of Jewish tradition and create some pretty compelling ones of our own.
  9. I’m spiritual but not religious… actually I’m culturally Jewish, but not into ritual… actually, I’m just not sure what being a Jew means in the 21st century….
    You’ll feel right at home.
  10. I’m just not interested.
    Are you so sure? You’re reading this, aren’t you?