Eran's Class Says Shalom!

Hello BKS families!

I hope all is well and that everyone had a warm wonderful weekend, filled with love, quality time, gratitude and...good food! Here's a quick recap of some of the stories , activities, songs and learning we explored so far at BKS and Rishonim:

The "New Shul" theme this year is LISTENING.

Some of the questions we have been asking ourselves are: "What is the difference between hearing and listening? Are there different kinds of 'listening'? What happens when we don't listen? to ourselves? to other people?" and etc.  

We explored one of the most important prayers in Judaism which has to do with listening: The "Shma" (listen!)

After reading it (in Hebrew of course) we started interpreting it in a way that we think is relevant for us, Jewish people in NYC of 2018! In our Rishonim classes, we rewrote the "Shma" and another blessing ("Adonai Sfatai") in a way that communicates with our feelings and interpretation of the blessings:

We learned about the house of "HILLEL" and "SHAMAI" (two opposing schools of Jewish thought) and how we can use our listening to have better, more fruitful arguments. We had some really good debates!

We started practicing the Channukah blessings, so I encourage you to encourage your children to lead the lighting of the candles this year (and read the Hebrew while doing it!)

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We are Listening!

We are focusing on listening this year; listening to one another, the world around us, and most importantly, to ourselves. Check out some Big Kid Spirituality (BKS) students worked together to bake challah, a traditional bread made on Shabbat. They listened to the different sounds and smells of the bread, discussing the many different sensory experiences of Shabbat and what they mean to them.

 Many classes told the story of Noah's Ark which coincidentally was read during the week that a new climate change report was released. Our students pointed out how living in greed and not listening to one another makes it harder for us to work together in finding a solution and compared our current state of lawlessness to the reality Noah was living in before the flood. Many classes created .gifs to make people listen to our concerns about climate change by grabbing their attention. Below you can see some of the images made by our students in response. 

Be sure to check back for more incredible student work and for bi-monthly updates from all of our awesome teachers!

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