Rishonim (K-4th Grade)

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Rishonim, which meets once a week after school (Tuesdays from 4-6 pm)  and is one of the most exciting religious schools in New York City. Our children enjoy it, attendance is at 98 percent, parents are involved, and teachers are committed to their students and the larger community. One of the reasons for our success is that we don’t treat education as something supplemental to the spiritual life of our community, but as an integral part of it. In keeping with our philosophy that Jewish skills are learned through active participation, our children are an integral part of all holiday events, are engaged in services, and are part of constant dialogue with the Rabbi and their parents.

Rishonim is not just a context for learning Jewish history, traditions, prayers, and culture, but for celebrating Jewish life. We want our students to feel good about being Jewish, and we’re committed to developing innovative curricula and programming, including special events, and field trips. The curriculum is centered on four pillars. We study the values of tikkun olam (repairing the world), the lessons and text of the Tanakh (Bible), the history and future of the Jewish people, and ancient and modern Hebrew language. Each one of these themes is taught through various means including the arts, hands-on projects, and discussions.

This year, our students and families will also enjoy a monthly dinner and learning with Rabbi Zach! (Takes place on Mondays)

We also have a wonderful Brooklyn program which meets every other Sunday morning, hosted at members’ homes. It’s a warm, intimate learning environment, incorporating the curriculum for BKS and Rishonim in two separate classes.


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Youth Education at The New Shul

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Our school builds on the traditions of the past, the strengths of the present, and the excitement of the future. This year we hope to continue fostering a community of learners by creating a welcoming environment for parents but also foster that involvement and learning for the whole family. We hope to continue building a learning environment where children and parents voices can be heard — where they share responsibility with teachers for finding better ways to facilitate learning.

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Big Kids Spirituality (BKS) (5th-8th Grade)

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Through Jewish studies based in tradition and related to their current lives, to our Hebrew language lessons led by our predominately native-speaking Hebrew teachers and our ongoing social action programs, your students are empowered to explore, question and discover in ways that are fun, challenging and relevant.

Classes meet weekly on Mondays from 4-6 pm. Throughout the year, participants also have the opportunity to attend youth group events that focus on social action and community-building. This year, our students and families will enjoy a monthly dinner and learning with Rabbi Zach!.

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B'nai Mitzvah

Our individualized learning and Bar/Bat Mitzvah programs encourage our children to see this rite of passage as a beginning, rather than an end, to their lives as members of our community. Not every Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony at The New Shul is identical, and not every experience preparing for it is the same. Our goal is that all will be rewarding, all will be causes for great and joyous celebration, and all will be, not climactic conclusions, but catalysts for an even more exciting and vibrant Jewish life to come.

Our unparalleled program is available to shul members and is designed to let your children experience this milestone in ways that are truly joyful and relevant to them. Along with Rabbi Zach, our wonderful and experienced team of B'nai Mitzvah tutors guide their studies and preparation, including a creative or mitzvah project.

For more details please refer to the B'nai Mitzvah Handbook.

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B'nai Mitzvah Handbook

B’nai Mitzvah Program Template


Examples of Parent Prayer                       Rabbi Zach’s Resources       

Julian Gerson                                                  B’nai Mitzvah Honors

Lokae Harmon                                                Prayer Readings

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TNSY: The New Shul Youth (Post-B’nai Mitzvah Teens)

The New Shul Youth, or TNSY was established to continue the journey and put into practice all that our kids have learned throughout their Jewish studies, including becoming a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. We provide a space where they are empowered to stay connected, create meaningful programs, represent the shul as young leaders, make new friends, help the community, pursue their creative passions, and grow together in ways that are meaningful to them.

TNSY members meet approximately once a month. Enrollment is available for all teens. Community service credit will be given to all those that participate. For cost and other details contact Joy:

Meeting Dates:

Check the Calendar for events.


Our son had a truly meaningful evening on Saturday night. He came home saying that “it felt good”; being there for others can feel good, as I know in my own work. He also loved being with those kids and wishes it were more often than once a month (!). Thank you so much for exposing him to this world of civic engagement, and for the warm atmosphere you create with the kids.
— Parent

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Learning and Discussion Salons with Rabbi Zach

Join Rabbi Zach for a monthly salon, where you can host and collaborate on the theme. Guest speakers, Torah study, Israel-related events... we peer into Judaism’s wisdom on the cluster of feelings, practices, and stories that appear in our tradition and our daily lives. As is always the case with our methodology, we hope the stories we hear and study will illuminate the lived experience of our inner lives, and vice versa.

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Each salon is free for members, non-members make a $36 donation.