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Intersectional Feminism: Origins, Opportunities, and Obstacles

What is intersectional feminism and how can it inform how we, as individuals and as a Jewish community, build and participate in coalitions for social justice? Inspired by the challenges that arose over the leadership and planning of the 2019 women’s marches, this salon is an opportunity to learn about and discuss black feminist thought on intersectionality—a concept coined in 1989 by the legal scholar Kimberlé Crenshaw to describe the way oppressive structures and institutions of power are linked and how those linkages affect individual lives. How can Jewish feminists engage this line of thought without “colonizing” it? Where do we see opportunities for acts of solidarity mutually inspired by black feminism and Jewish feminism? How might we at the New Shul address some of the obstacles to solidarity?

May 5th, 1030am, Manhattan