Rabbi In The House

A new model for communal Jewish learning, where you are the host, and you choose what we learn! Invite your friends for an evening of investigation and study of  contemporary issues rooted in ancient sources. Rabbi Zach Fredman brings an expertise in the grand Jewish tradition of debate and sacred disagreement, kabbalah and mysticisms, creativity, psychology, music, meditation, service and devotion.

House Rules

We need a quorum! That’s ten or so participants in order to hold a salon. The suggested cost for non-members of The New Shul is $36 per person, and hosts are welcome to cover the total cost ($360) for their guests. We’ll publicize the salon to our members as well, so they can take part in our communal learning.  Salons take place on weekday evenings, from 630-800pm or so, and we strongly encourage nosh and schnapps.

Sample Topics:

Sacred Sexuality, Feminism & Judaism, Kabbalah, Israeli/Palestinian Culture and Conflict, Current Events, Pro-Life/Pro-Choice, Immigration/Boundaries, Tarot & Esoterics, Mythology, What is God, Multifaith Dialogue


Want to Host a Rabbi in the House? Be in touch:  

Each salon is free for members, non-members make a $36 donation.